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Second time the charm

Timothy Pierce -

Моя проблема

Screen and daughter board

Моё решение

When replacing the screen, I got too deep around the home/back buttons and ruined the daughter board. I had to replace the screen initially. I ordered the daughter board via the website description for a Verizon S7 Edge board. It wasn’t. I then ordered via the website picture showing the cat. number of the board. That was the correct daughter board, listed as an ATT model, but was correct for my VZW.

Videos absolutely helpful, use heat, avoid all input/output areas. Be patient. Get the tools recommended, tiny connectors. Ribbon connector headers have a release tab, look for it, just don’t try to muscle a ribbon cable.

Мой совет

Patience, watch several videos.

Galaxy S7 Edge Charging Daughter Board (AT&T) Изображение
Galaxy S7 Edge Charging Daughter Board (AT&T)


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