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With the visual instructions provided it was a piece of cake :-)

Junior -

OnePlus One

OnePlus One Battery Replacement

OnePlus One Battery Replacement

20 мин.


Моя проблема

My original battery was not holding a charge and was discharging very fast.

Моё решение

I guess due to my background the replacement was not that difficult.

Мой совет

Yes! Be very careful when using a plastic opening tool near the sim card opening. You do not want to damage the opening.

Make sure you remove all screw before trying to remove the MB cover. Sometimes a screw or two might be covered with rubber or another material.

When using a spudger to remove the battery be cautious and patient. As mentioned, the battery malleable. Therefore, make sure to evenly left on all sides but be very careful with the right side because there are some flat cables on the phone body.

OnePlus One Battery Изображение
OnePlus One Battery


« Обратно ко всем историям

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