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iPhone 7 Plus Shattered Screen Repair

matarazz -

iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus Screen Replacement

iPhone 7 Plus Screen Replacement

30 мин.


Моя проблема

The device was dropped and the digitizer had shattered but fortunately was still fully functional.

Моё решение

Very easy for me but I have done this a few times now. The repair kit came with all of the quality tools and parts you need to do a full repair. The repair guide and video give great assurance and suggestions for the repair process. A+ !

Мой совет

Be cautious and have a plan when installing the gasket. I had a little trouble when I realized the gasket was out of place. It will stick fast to anything it touches very quickly. I was able to manage and get it back into place but it had to be the most difficult and tedious part of the process. It was only due to my not paying attention to how it was laying for me initially.

Also, if the glass is shattered to the point where you cannot get a good grip with the suction cup, Use packing tape. Try to lay it down as smooth as you can, with a wide flat surface of the tape close to the home button. This will give the suction cup a smooth surface to do its magic.

iPhone 7 Plus Screen Изображение
iPhone 7 Plus Screen


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