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Mac mini from 2007, CPU fan noisy

Frigyes Ferenc Pratser -

Mac mini Mid 2010

Mac Mini Mid 2010 Fan Replacement

Mac Mini Mid 2010 Fan Replacement

2 мин.


Моя проблема

I think the bearinga in the fan wore out and it was getting pretty noisy. I could have lived with that, bit the computer was overheating and shutting down in the summer.

Моё решение

It was pretty obvious, it is frightening to open the housing first. Patience is key, there are small wires which I guess are really easy to break. Thankfully popping off the wireless antenna is the only thing that happened what I did not want.

Мой совет

If you order to Hungary, be prepared to pay the VAT (calculated with price including shipping) in cash to the courier (no, card and money wire are not accepted) and a nice FedEx “tax”, ca. 12$ for participating in the whole customs process, and if you don’t answer fasz enough they also charge you for storing your stuff, the prive of which I forgot, but again a few dollars per day.

Intel Mac mini (Model A1176) Fan Изображение
Intel Mac mini (Model A1176) Fan


« Обратно ко всем историям

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