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Nexus 5x screen replace.

pgauthier29 -

Nexus 5X

Nexus 5X LCD Screen & Digitizer Replacement

Nexus 5X LCD Screen & Digitizer Replacement

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Моя проблема

Dropped the phone and the screen cracked

Моё решение

The repair went pretty well. I bought the screen and digitizer assembly from iFixit because it included the frame so I didn't have to remove the glass itself. I used the repair guide listed underneath the assembly listing. It was very good however I needed to remove and transfer a few extra things because I was replacing the whole digitizer assembly. The repair guide assumed reusing the digitizer assembly and only replacing the glass screen. Not a biggy though. I did have a slight snag though when moving the front camera to the new assembly. The new assembly did not have the adhesive for the camera so I had to remove the one from the old assembly. That was quite delicate and difficult to take out and move over. Wound up having a small crease in it. Still works though.

Мой совет

I was pleasantly surprised to a note and a prepaid return shipping label to send the old broken screen back to recycle it. My kudos to iFixit for being so conscientious like this.

Nexus 5X Screen Изображение
Nexus 5X Screen


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