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Received S6 Edge Plus screen in timely manly and worked better than expected

Aaron Pulford -

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Display Assembly and Frame Replacement

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Display Assembly and Frame Replacement

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Моя проблема

phone had been submerged briefly, leaving lines in screen causing use of phone to be impossible; phone mothballed for years due to repair cost; then teen age son needed to earn his phone; received LCD and repaired phone to like new conditions; thank you iFixIt

Моё решение

my first time in repairing smart phones; but have experience in technology repairs; had all the necessary tools, watched videos and with the instruction sets from iFixIt and components of LCD with frame; adhesive; replacement went well; factory reset on phone; all components and features of phone work; and now have a teenage son with a grin ear to ear; not only because of the phone, probably less than 5% of his friends actually ever seen inside their phone

Мой совет

recommend research a good cleaner for the old adhesive to ensure new adhesive strips are flat; I recommend to place the adhesive on the frame first prior to back glass placement to ensure strip is align to all the proper places to seal the back glass as good as OEM

Maybe have a Magnifying glass available to review connections; 4" and above

Galaxy S6 Edge (GSM) Screen Assembly Изображение
Galaxy S6 Edge (GSM) Screen Assembly


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