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Fixing the first generation IPad Mini Screen, Battery and Corners.

nadheen75 -

iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi

iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi LCD Replacement

iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi LCD Replacement

3 часов


Моя проблема

My son can't seem to keep electronics in good shape. He tends to drop, sit on, food stuff on, anything that you can imagine. Even getting it bumped into something hard. He can't even have the guts to tell me what exactly that he hit the ipad with.

Anyway, it has been sitting in my cabinet for at least 2 years before I have the time to fix it.

Моё решение

It was a bit difficult as the screen took longer time to separate from the casing. I had to hard dried each section of the sides and pry firmly. Must be the adhesive, it was pretty strong.

I've replaced the battery, the screen and currently are waiting for the corner pliers set. It' still in transit at Erskine Park, Australia. However, that's the only thing left to do and I'll be finishing the repair as soon as I have the pliers.

Мой совет

Make sure that you have the patient to work on the repairs.

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