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Battery Replacement and Switching Screens for iPhone 7

Bryan Tran -

iPhone 7 Plus

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iPhone 7 Plus Screen Replacement

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Моя проблема

I bought an iPhone Product RED from Ebay to get 256gb of storage, but I didn't like the white screen on red case look and the battery was at 68% health. So I went to ifixit to buy the battery replacement kit.

Моё решение

The repair took at least 3 hours to do. It was the first time I ever repaired an iPhone, and it was supposed to be my new personal phone, so I was a bit anxious at first.

I started with the battery replacement on the RED one. I had to use a hair dryer for about 3 minutes on the bottom to loosen the seal. After that, the battery was replaced in about 30 minutes.

Luckily, the battery replacement kit came with bits that could change out the home button so I went on to the screen switch and home button switch.

But I wasn't done. I wanted to switch the screens which also required me to switch the home buttons between the two screens because the home buttons are paired to the original iPhone 7 motherboard. I pulled up the 2 repair guides for screen replacement and home button replacement and got started. It took another 2.5 hours to get done but after sealing the new black-screened RED case phone, it looked gorgeous. The other looked great too!

Мой совет

You don't really need the iOpener. A hair dryer will do fine, but it takes about 3 minutes and you'll probably have to move it around to evenly heat the bottom of the iPhone. Removing the screen from the phone when there's a seal is the hardest part. Afterwards, the repair should get easier.

The glue on the battery replacement sticks IMMEDIATELY. So make sure you put it in its final destination when you go to place it in the phone.

The kit from the iPhone 7 Battery Kit came with a tri-point bit which I used to remove the home buttons from each screen. The home button guide say that there are 2 different tri-point screws on the home button but I only needed to use the one bit.

The home button is glued to the back of the screen and it can loosened via hairdryer (No need for iOpener). I shot it for 2 minutes and I removed it with ease. After switching the buttons, I shot the buttons again with the hairdryer so the adhesive conforms to its new home in the different screen.

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