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Apple Juice for a 1st Gen iPad

Jeff G -

iPad Wi-Fi

iPad Wi-Fi Metal Display Clips Replacement

iPad Wi-Fi Metal Display Clips Replacement


Моя проблема

My 7 year old fraternal twin sons finally got the mix of liquid and iPad just right to kill it.

Very ironically, it was Apple juice that was the liquid in question

Моё решение

The opening of the 1st gen iPad was less daunting that I had feared that it would be. I broke about 1/2 of the clips while opening it, which at first I was worrying about until I discovered that I could buy replacement clips from iFixit.com

I cleaned the Apple juice out of the ipad with 91% isopropyl alcohol and waited for the clips to arrive.

The process to install the new clips was very easy with my iFixit.com tool set.

"Smooshing" the two halves of the iPad back together was an interesting experience, but as long as you got the non-clip side in the right place, the iPad went back together with a few creaks and snaps without a problem.

The iPad worked flawlessly after reassembly, which was a bit surprising to me -- I was certain it would be glitchy after exposure to Apple Juice, but so far so good.

Мой совет

Only advice would be to make a note -- or a more apparent note if I missed it -- that you will probably break a lot of the clips while taking apart the iPad 1st generation and that it's not a big deal if you do, because you can order replacement clips.

iPad Display Clip Set Изображение
iPad Display Clip Set


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