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MacBook Air Keyboard replacement

chambusfrancisca -

Моя проблема

My son spilled something in the keyboard voiding the warrantee and it would have cost over $700 just for the geniuses to open itand look at it. I knew it was just the keyboard since I could use my bluetooth keyboard and operate the computer perfectly.

Моё решение

Thanks to the guide on your website, I bought a new keyboard, followed the pictures and instructions and we replaced it. It works!!!! The guide was amazing. It was just an excercise in organization. Bathroom dixie cups and the right tools! Thanks for your help. I was quite pleased with the guide.

Мой совет

My advise would be don't get intimidated. Somewhere I read that replacing the keyboard would be rated at "difficult". I found the replacement tedious - keeping track of all the screws and all the bits inside. Get a nice open work area with lots of light, and take your time. My son took breaks to watch some soccer and I doubted checked our next steps. It really was easier than you may think. PS. There are lots of videos out there where you can watch people taking appart the MacBook - watch them! It will give you some confidence. This was not rocket science!

MacBook Air 11" (Mid 2011) Upper Case Изображение
MacBook Air 11" (Mid 2011) Upper Case


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