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So proud, I fixed it myself!

jwieberdink -

Моя проблема

The power supply of my Imac was broken

Моё решение

My iMac is a 24" aluminum one, unfortunately there was no official guide on the website. However, there was a guide for changing the power supply in a 20" iMac, so I used that. There was also a video of the friendly lady, who made the repair look very easy. I also googled a bit about changing the power supply, but there was not much extra information about the subject.

Opening the iMac was easy, even as removing the screws and the right cables to lift off the lcd screen. But there was a difference between the 20" guide an my 24" iMac. When trying to lift off the lcd, there seemed to be 2 more extra cables connecting the lcd to the computer. It was hard to reach these cables and even harder to unplug them. I am not much into reparing computers and I was afraid to break anything. So I just let the cables and I put a screwdriver between the lcd and the computer, to keep it open.

Removing the power supply was a bit tricky; there was not much room for me to reach the right angle to unplug the cables attached to the power supply. After some wiggeling I was able to unplug it, and hook up the new powersupply.

Then it was just a matter of putting an the screws back in place, and put the glass plate back on. Quite a hassle to get it dust free. I was working in my attic where it is rather dusty and where my cat always comes to relax. So after putting the glass plate on and off for a few times to get it totally clean and hair free, I could finally start the iMac. The only thing I could hope for was that I didn't screw up my whole iMac. And then it started and I heard the heavenly mac tune. I was so relieved. And the new power supply seems to be working very well, so I fixed it correctly, without braking anything.

Now who is the biggest nerd! I am so proud of myself! And I just saved myself 400 euro's! Thanks so much iFixit!

Мой совет

A walkthrough guide and movie for the iMac 24" would be nice.

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