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From amateur to pro with iFixit

dproosdij -

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Моя проблема

I have been taking things apart since I was ten, when my parents gave me a set of screwdrivers and an old 5 1⁄4-inch floppy drive to take apart, just for fun. This fascination grew with me as I got older and discovered that most consumer electronics can be fixed. Due to my own clumsiness I frequently had things to tinker with and fix.

As I became more confident with my abilities I started helping friends out with their phones when they broke them, never asking much and always helping them to repair their phones or laptops. I decided it was time to move away from the dinky tools I had and get a set that could cover me for any fix.

iFixit helped me with my first iPhone 4 screen replacement and when browsing on the site I discovered the tools section. A complete all in one package that looked nice and was extremely portable. I added a magnetic mat to the order and decided to bear the cost for shipping and taxes. The tools were fantastic and I was starting to look more professional. The time it took for met to fix an iPhone 4 went from 45 minutes to 25.

Word got out as friends told others about my abilities and soon I had a steady stream of jobs and money coming in. My toolkit got good use and customers were happy. Eventually a friend told me of a person starting a mobile smartphone repair shop and that he was looking for a repairman who could fix anything.

Моё решение

Smartphone-ambulance.nl Is a mobile phone and tablet repair shop that travels from town to town fixing phones on site and for a reasonable price. By bringing the service to them they don't have to travel (sometimes hours) to get to the nearest repair shop.

I was given a trial by fire and with my Pro tech toolkit I was put in the ambulance to start helping customers. That day was busy and by closing time I had fixed 4 Iphone 4(s)'s, 2 samsung galaxy s3's, an HTC desire s and an iPad 2.

My employer was impressed that I had arrived with my own set of tools and that I had managed to wade through the massive number of repairs during the 5 hour shift. Needless to say I got the job and have been working there since.

Мой совет

My advice?

  • Start slow and don't force anything (easy way to break things).
  • If you aren't sure: LOOK IT UP!
  • Organisation is key, the magnetic mat is a godsend to keeping all the little screws in the right place.
  • Practice makes perfect.

My advice for ifixit:

If possible I would like to be able to order single bits. My size 2 pentalobe is completely stripped from all the use it has gotten and I would like to be able to order a new one.

All in all a massive thank you to iFixit for your site and your tools! Without you I would not have the job I have today.

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