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Material good, process excellent!

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MacBook Core Duo

MacBook Core Duo Display Data Cable Replacement

MacBook Core Duo Display Data Cable Replacement


Моя проблема

Non-working screen

Моё решение

Went great as far as the repair should go. The screen still does not work, but that is not the fault of the equipment that IFixIt sold to me or the instructions. That's all great. There is something else wrong with other hardware, but this is certainly a cheap way to try out options to figure it out. Thanks for the help and the well-written article!

Мой совет

Start with cheap and simple things and work your way up when troubleshooting repairing. Eventually it will pay off. You'll either fix it, or come to a point where you say, "Ok, I can't put anything else in this machine, time to move on."

MacBook Display Data Cable Изображение
MacBook Display Data Cable


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