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Eastern Washington University, Team S1-G5, Carnegie Spring 2018

A group of four members with diverse skills and goals. Our majors are in electrical engineering ,pre-dentistry, public health, and technical communications.

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Тег команды: EWU-CARNEGIE-S18S1G5

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We are students at Eastern Washington University, all taking Technical Communications 205 during Spring 2018.

Margaret Gilbert is currently a Sophomore that is majoring in Technical Communications. She enjoys the writing process and working with a group. She is excited to learn more about DIY repair, as she has not spent much time fixing technology.

Jasmine Harmon is a sophomore who is majoring in Pre-dentistry and working towards a Spanish minor. She is extremely organized and very outgoing. She does a lot of baking, cooking, and craft DIY, because of that she can easily find solutions if something is missing or inaccurate.

Rachel Harrison is a Junior who is majoring in Public Health with a minor in Psychology. She is currently working at Target, and she sometimes assists people in the electronics department, however she does not know much about repairs, and is eager to learn more.

Christopher Slagle-Clowers is a Junior majoring in Electrical Engineering. He has experience with a variety of tools and how various things work. Working in the Navy helped him develop a mind for problem solving.