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USF Tampa, Team 2-4, Blackwell Fall 2014

Студенческая команда

Тег команды: USFT-BLACKWELL-F14S2G4

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Broad Team Goals:

To provide quality instructions for fixing broken devices.

Measurable Team Goals:

1. To work efficiently as a team to meet all deadlines given.

2. To meet each milestone with a quality product.

Personal Goals:

Shaun: To improve writing, editing, and visual design skills

Kris: To improve PowerPoint, management, and other computer skills

Leo: To improve research and data analysis skills

Brandon: To practice managing in a practical situation.

Individual Commitment:

Brandon and Kris are both willing to put in 100 percent effort.

Shaun and Leo are both willing to put in 100 percent effort, but also have commitments that they need to attend to. They, however, do not wish for a lower grade.

Other Concerns:

Kris feels he would not be up to par as a visual coordinator and worries he will bring down the group.

Shaun is not entirely confident that he can create efficient and professional documents.

Leo is concerned his schedule would interfere with the project.

Brandon is worried that he will not be able to prove himself as a capable project manager.

Conflict Resolution:

If we experience conflict that is not resolved within the group, we will present the argument to the instructor and ask for guidance.

Missed Deadlines:

If a team member misses a deadline, that person must contact 2 or more members of the group with a warning that the deadline will not be met. Those members will then decide how to meet the deadline in an efficient manner.

Unacceptable Work:

If a team member does not deliver material that the group feels is acceptable, the group will contact the project manager and suggest a revision of the work. The project manager and the team member will communicate to create a new deadline for a revision of the material. If a team member is unable to create acceptable work, that member should seek help via the group or outside sources.