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Vintage iPhone Owners

For anyone who owns a vintage iPhone.

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Disassembling Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station Model A1034

This is a step-by-step guide to disassembly the Apple AirPort Extreme Base...

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Logitech MBJ58 Mouse Support Spring Replacement

This guide demonstrates how to replace a missing or broken scroll wheel...

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Acer Travelmate C100 Series Teardown

Teardown of a old Acer Travelmate C100 Series.

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iPad Mini Wi-Fi Rear Facing Camera Replacement

Replace the Rear Facing Camera in your iPad Mini Wi-Fi.

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iPod Touch 4th Generation Blank Screen

This is a guide to try and short the battery if your device is dead after a...

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iPad Air Wi-Fi Front Facing Camera Replacement

Use this guide to replace the front-facing camera in your iPad Air.

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Bose SoundDock Portable v2 IR Receiver Replacement

This guide will help you replace the IR receiver i...

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Repairing iPhone 5 greyed out wifi or disabled

This technique is for fixing a greyed out iPhone 5 Wi-Fi Greyed out or disabled.

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iPhone 6s Camera Ring Replacement

Replace a broken camera lens and camera ring

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Huawei matebook X Teardown

Huawei matebook X, IFIXIT, M.2 , 2240 , SSD, NVMe