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The Apple Watch is one step closer to a super spy accessory with its Series 3 capable of making phone calls. What does a watch look like when Apple sticks a phone in it? Since teardowns are our calling we figure we'll dial right in!

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Это демонтаж а неруководство по ремонту. Чтобы отремонтировать Apple Watch Series 3, воспользуйтесь нашим сервисным руководством.

  1. Apple Watch Series 3 Teardown, Apple Watch Series 3 Teardown: step 1, image 1 of 1
    • What's that in your shiny new Apple Watch?

    • Second-generation OLED Retina display with Force Touch

    • Consistent with the original Apple Watch, the Series 3 comes in two sizes: 38 mm (272 × 340 pixels, 290 ppi) and 42 mm (312 × 390 pixels, 302 ppi).

    • Custom-designed Apple S3 SiP (System in Package)

    • Optional LTE and UMTS, built in GPS/GLONASS + NFC + Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz + Bluetooth 4.2

    • Accelerometer + gyroscope + heart rate sensor + microphone + speaker + barometric altimeter + ambient light sensor

    • Water resistance rating (up to 50 meters)

    • WatchOS 4

  2. Apple Watch Series 3 Teardown: step 2, image 1 of 2 Apple Watch Series 3 Teardown: step 2, image 2 of 2
    • Before we get inside, put on your X-ray glasses for a sneak peek.

    • Many Bothans died to bring us this information. Just kidding. This image is courtesy of the friendly X-ray experts at Creative Electron.

    • While the overall layout is fairly unchanged from the original Apple Watch we tore down and X-rayed in 2015, it looks like there may be a few extra solder pads under the speaker (top right of this image).

  3. Apple Watch Series 3 Teardown: step 3, image 1 of 3 Apple Watch Series 3 Teardown: step 3, image 2 of 3 Apple Watch Series 3 Teardown: step 3, image 3 of 3
    • Time for a quick check of the back to make sure we bought the right watch.

    • Yep, this here is an Apple Watch Series 3, the most exclusive and top of the line Apple wrist computer, offering unparalleled computing power and fashion for the next 51 weeks.

    • We even got the LTE model!

    • Next to that secret diagnostic port we picked out a new model number: A1889.

  4. Apple Watch Series 3 Teardown: step 5, image 1 of 2 Apple Watch Series 3 Teardown: step 5, image 2 of 2
    • Cables de-ZIF'd, we're clear to get a look at the display.

    • Spec-wise, the display is unchanged from the Series 2, with one key difference—it now functions as a multifrequency (LTE?) antenna.

    • We'll be testing compatibility to see if the displays really are interchangeable.

    • This display has one fewer IC than last year. Probably wasn't important.

    • Analog Devices 343S00092 touch controller

    • NXP Semiconductor PN80V NFC module

    • Texas Instruments TPS36372 display power management (likely)

    • Empty solder pad (20211CP TD1628A goes here?)


    emouse - Ответить

    It will be interesting to see the compatibility between series 2 display and series 3. This will also be a good test for LTE.

    Thomas - Ответить

    …and? are the series 2 and 3 displays compatible?

    arjandeboer - Ответить

    are the series 2 series 3 (non cellular) screens Interchangeable?

    Close Fan - Ответить

    • As in the prior version, further access is barred by a tiny tri-point screw—one of 64 possible contingencies we've come prepared for.

    • The top third of the watch is labeled "Taptic Engine," and that's mostly true—but the label also hides a bracket that guards, among other things, the battery connector we're searching for.

    • Time to pick away the power pack and see what gives this watch its all-day go-juice.

    • Professional teardown engineer on a closed track. Do not attempt battery replacement on the go.

  5. Apple Watch Series 3 Teardown: step 7, image 1 of 2 Apple Watch Series 3 Teardown: step 7, image 2 of 2
  6. Apple Watch Series 3 Teardown: step 8, image 1 of 3 Apple Watch Series 3 Teardown: step 8, image 2 of 3 Apple Watch Series 3 Teardown: step 8, image 3 of 3
    • So far so good. We pull out the standard Force Touch sensor/gasket, equipped with the same Analog Devices AD7149 capacitance sensor controller that we found in the Series 2.

    • Continuing our parts-picking spree, we pluck out the Taptic Engine, seemingly unchanged from watches yore.

    • Then out pops the antenna array, including what we believe to be the GPS antenna.

    on the side opposite the crown on the taptic engine is a convoluted maze of connected ribbon cables that is actually soldered to the taptic engine - right under the ribbon cable underneath what looks to be BGA chip (black, square - similar in size to a tristar chip) and trying to lift this ribbon cable to remove the taptic engine in the order this teardown indicates will result in torn pads - either a max total of 4 or in my case, i only tore 2. this teardown shown here resulted in 4 torn pads, which you can see in step 10 first photo. the photo shows the cable flipped back over and you can clearly see the torn pad area. and by also folding the ribbon cable back, it can also tear away at the underlying solder connecting the ribbon cable to the motherboard. atm, it appears to me that to properly remove the taptic, it needs to stay where it is and remove the whole motherboard including the taptic engine. so to replace just the taptic engine - would involve a large amount of risk and work.

    greg - Ответить

    It would’ve been really nice if ifixit called this out. I didn’t see your comment until after I removed that ribbon cable. At first it looks like it’s some kind of adhesive, but I suppose it is actually soldered? Anyway, time for me to buy a new watch. Thanks ifixit!

    Insu -

  7. Apple Watch Series 3 Teardown: step 9, image 1 of 3 Apple Watch Series 3 Teardown: step 9, image 2 of 3 Apple Watch Series 3 Teardown: step 9, image 3 of 3
    • The plucking continues, as we remove the self-emptying speaker, designed to sonically blast out water after your watch takes a dip.

    • After an entirely Series 2-ish experience, we're finally rewarded with something new—a whole new section of RF chips, surely responsible for handling the added LTE functionality.

    • In another new twist, the air vent hole next to the microphone is now populated by what looks like a barometric pressure sensor.

    • Apple touted a new barometric altimeter when it introduced the Series 3 at the Steve Jobs Theater—much to our confusion, since we already found a barometer in last year's model.

    • Time to pull this board!

  8. Apple Watch Series 3 Teardown: step 10, image 1 of 2 Apple Watch Series 3 Teardown: step 10, image 2 of 2

    Hi iFixit,

    is it possible to see what’s inside the Apple S6 module ? I suspect LTE modem and others are inside ?? Thanks

    Bagan Tech - Ответить

    Hate to do this but someone else removed the cap to show the components hiding underneath , heres the link http://techinsights.com/about-techinsigh...

    Don’t worry ifixit, you are still the first place I go to for teardowns, but its always good to look around for more info.

    aaronzvz -

    @aaronzzz We’re fans of TechInsights and have worked with them a time or two on collaborative teardowns. So, no hard feelings! They do fantastic work. Thanks for the link!

    Jeff Suovanen -

    After a comparison of X-Ray picture above with the teardown, we came to believe that there are at least 3-4 chips missing on the teardown, and they’re most likely located under the “S3” marked radiator sink, glued to it from the other side. These chips likely include the Apple CPU itself, the modem and possibly the RF.

    William Bakshi - Ответить

  9. Apple Watch Series 3 Teardown: step 11, image 1 of 3 Apple Watch Series 3 Teardown: step 11, image 2 of 3 Apple Watch Series 3 Teardown: step 11, image 3 of 3
    • Last call: back cover. It's press-fit over a teflon-like O-ring, but a thumbs-up and a firm push relieves it of duty.

    • The material has been standardized across watch models and souped up to snazzy ceramic, replacing the previous Ion-X or Sapphire options.

    • It also houses the PPG sensor array that is responsible for sensing heart rate.

    • It would've been cool to see some change from the Series 2 after complaints about accuracy in previous models. As far as wearables go, however, the Apple Watch is the best of the bad.

    • Also it appears that the wireless charging coil has been slightly modified to support most Qi wireless chargers.

    • Lastly, with the new barometric altimeter taking the spot next to the microphone, where did the air vent go? Answer: hiding out right here, next to the diagnostic port.

    the non-cellular variant is still that composite back, while the higher end versions have always been ceramic. Sapphire or Ion-X is only the front display cover.

    Josh Calvetti - Ответить

    The watch back is ceramic on the GPS + Cellular Series 3, but it’s composite on the GPS-only model. Previous watches have had a composite or ceramic back, never sapphire or Ion-X. Source: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204507

    Ryan Steele - Ответить

    hey do any one know why i cant pop out the ppg sensor out. i think it has something to do with this metal ring around it, but i can not figure out how to get it off.

    briana1987be - Ответить

  10. Apple Watch Series 3 Teardown: step 12, image 1 of 3 Apple Watch Series 3 Teardown: step 12, image 2 of 3 Apple Watch Series 3 Teardown: step 12, image 3 of 3
    • Here's all the clockwork watchwork!

    • Final big thanks to Circuitwise for giving up a bit of their weekend to help us out!

    • And thanks again to Creative Electron for putting the X(-ray) in "excellent!"

  11. Заключительные мысли
    • Watch band replacements remain fast and simple.
    • Screen replacements are difficult but do-able—it's the first thing to come off, and detaches via simple ZIF connectors.
    • Battery replacements are tricky but fairly straightforward once you're inside, provided you're armed with a Y000 screwdriver.
    • While not proprietary, incredibly tiny tri-point screws are a repair hinderance.
    • Replacing any of the component cables requires microsoldering.
    • The mostly resin-encased S3 system makes most board-level repairs impossible.
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    Ремонтопригодность 6из 10
    (10 легче всего ремонтировать)

Комментариев: 47

Great ! I was waiting for this since the day it was shown at the launch ! First to comment as well I guess

Yolo - Ответить

is the rear housing the same as the series 2 as well?

during the announcement, they claimed the watch was made a little thicker.

karl - Ответить

What’s the purpose of the air vent that began with Series 2? It’s clearly not for barometric readings since Series 2 lacked a barometric altimeter.

Andrew Estock - Ответить

Not sure of I didn't See a barometer at the Apple Watch

eisblock -

does apple tv 4k teardown coming soon? i am curious about power supply voltage and ampere. nice btw.

Muhammad Faisal Kemal - Ответить

wait, which chip is the LTE chip? Rumor was that it would be Intel…..

bdan629 - Ответить

If there is no Intel Baseband chip, then all this point to Apple will be making their own Wireless Chip! About time!

K Sec - Ответить

What that SIM-tray lookalike beside model no. which appears in step 3?

Abedoss - Ответить

I think you’re referring to the “Top Secret” 6 pin diagnostic port (under the cover) that’s been there since the series 0. For Apple Use Only!

Nikon1 -

Does the 38mm GPS only and the 38mm GPS+LTE share the same battery? Or is there a difference between the two 38mm Series 3 models?

Bort - Ответить

Can a series 2 be used with a iPhone 8 plus or X

Scott Green - Ответить

Could you show the detail of “Screen as LTE antenna” that introduced during the Apple Event on 12 Sept.?

Show Siong LIM - Ответить

Apple was “economical” with the truth. The antenna is glued to the back of the screen and made by a different process.

Thanh Tran -

Wow that taptic engine is taking up at least 30% of space.

dennisonphillips - Ответить

Is the battery capacity the same in the larger 42mm version?

BilMcKelvy - Ответить

looks like the “Screen antenna” is really on the force touch sensor? (step 8)

that would make sense, it goes all around the border of the screen.

karl - Ответить

Do you think that after replacing the battery, the watch could still be waterproof?

Daniel Walraven - Ответить

whats the GPS module used in this watch

vamshi gajjela - Ответить

Are the series 2 and 3 screens changeable

bnharris92 - Ответить

Are the series 2 and 3 lcd screens interchangeable???

Twee Tang - Ответить

Same question about interchangeable screens. I need a replacement, but 38mm Series 3 screens are hard to come by.

Dana Hallenbeck - Ответить

screens are not interchangable.

karl - Ответить

Bonjour j’ai cassé le lcd de ma série 3 Apple Watch puis je mettre un lcd de Apple Watch serie 2 beaucoup moin chère pour ma série 3??

robby46 - Ответить

We’re do I get a new screen

Felix Juan - Ответить

Where can I found Apple Watch 3 screen?? I need a replacement.


gabbo_-_95 - Ответить

Although board level repairs aren’t viable, is it possible to replace the board of an apple watch? When putting the watch back together, did it still seem waterproof?

Logan Jung - Ответить

What is the design name of the self-emptying speaker?

Anthony Gabrian - Ответить

Can the rear sensors be replaced without soldering?

bdwayneh - Ответить

Where is the LTE-Antenna? Respectively the ground plane for the antenna?

Stefan Remmel - Ответить

Where can i buy screen replacement?

meriganu - Ответить

Hello, I was wondering if anyone has compared the rear shell of the series 2 to the series 3 GPS models yet. If so are the cases identical?

axilelyk - Ответить

I need to replace the back housing/battery cover. Mine is shattered after running it over with my truck!!! The screen didn’t even crack! Just the back button/glass. Can I order that part here?

Michele Giel - Ответить

Can you purchase a new speaker. The current speaker I have no longer works

Kevin Parker - Ответить

Is it possible to pull out the logic board without soldering?

John - Ответить

For the life of me, I cannot find the zif connector latch on my Apple series 3 display. I can pull the cables out and slide them back in, but there is no latch or any other pivoting mechanism that I can find. I completely boogered up my old display zif connectors trying to find a swinging latch. Every YouTube video mentions them and shows how to open them but not in enough detail to actually enable you to see what is happening. My new display does not work, so I can only assume that either the latch is not closed on the new display or was not opened when I inserted the cables.

Tom Baldauff - Ответить

Where is the WiFi / Bluetooth antenna?

brutoboy63 - Ответить

What a mess, this is very badly explained! who has been the one who uploaded this? They break a connector and there are steps that have not explained them, nor did they dare to open an Apple Watch with this guide.

Moiky - Ответить


wo bekomme ich den die winzige Y000 Tri-Point Schraube für meine iWatch3 her….???

Meine hat sich im wahrsten Sinne aus dem Staub gemacht und sie wieder zu finden ist ja fast aussichtslos….

LG Andreas

Andreas Glauche - Ответить


you can recommend me, where can I find instructions to change a case at Apple watch serie 3 Well I have to buy and change new cases, but I can't find any instructions on the internet. Thanks

veacom - Ответить


you can recommend me, where can I find instructions to change a case at Apple watch serie 3 Well I have to buy and change new cases, but I can't find any instructions on the internet. Thanks

Email: veacom@gmx.de

veacom - Ответить

The digital crown can be removed. I’ve done it. Takes a lot of patience and a little heat.

John Pedigo - Ответить

My Series 3 displayed popped off (swollen battery maybe) and the side with display cables are as seen here, but the top part of the display is anchored by another a cable or something. Can’t lift it away enough to see and don’t want to force it.

Tarun Vijjali - Ответить

Display is totally intact and working, no scratches or cracks. Just the touchscreen is wacked out since it popped off.

Tarun Vijjali -

Where can I get the speaker for this watch?

Ben Sudworth - Ответить

Is the display or any other part is tied to the motherboard? Can I change the motherboard with another one?

DnzDra Krks - Ответить

Is there a way to fix a stuck button? Otherwise my Watch series 3 works fine

Allen Berrebbi - Ответить

So can I take a 38mm series 3 and put it in a 42mm body with a 42mm screen? I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for this info and can’t find it!

bigscripforever@gmail.com - Ответить

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