This hand-me-down baby monitor has a busted volume/on-off switch. Monitor only operates while pressing down on the volume dial. If you think I have the energy to hold down that dial while trying to sleep, you got another thing coming. Baby crying... gotta go.

This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your Baby Monitor , use our service manual.

    • Here is the baby monitor in all its glory.

    • Start by turning the device speaker-side down.

    • Remove the flathead screw securing the battery cover using a flathead screwdriver.

    • Remove the battery cover after fully disengaging the screw.

    • Remove the batteries from the compartment.

    • Remove the five phillips screw holding the casing together using a phillips #1 screwdriver.

      • The fifth screw is hidden beneath the battery cover, toward the center of the monitor and is recessed deep into the casing.

    • CAUTION: Do not yank the casing apart!!!

    • Gently pry from the bottom and work a finger along the side and until monitor pops in half.

    • The speaker cabling is soldered to the main board and the speaker is stuck in the front casing with adhesive.

    • Lay the two halves as shown.

    • Remove the two screws securing the main board.

    • Pry lightly around the edge of the main board between the board and the casing to help free the board. Fingernails, a spudger, or plastic opening tools can be used for this task.

    • DO NOT TRY TO REMOVE THE MAIN BOARD COMPLETELY!!! There are soldered items that need to be dealt with. Follow along closely.

    • Gently, and I mean gently, pull up on the LED assembly to loosen the main board from the rear casing.

    • Any resistance should indicate that the board needs to be loosened from the casing, around the edges, more before proceeding.

    • PROCEED WITH CAUTION!!! The antenna cable and the battery contacts are soldered onto the board.

    • Your monitor should look like this, with a small gap between the main board and the rear casing.

    • The next step will merely free the volume control dial from the casing and NOT free the main board from the casing.

    • To remove the main board from the casing, you MUST desolder the antenna cable and two battery contacts from the board.

    • Create about a 30 degree angle between the rear casing and your workspace, lifting the casing by the top end. I used 3 decks of playing cards to prop up the casing from my workspace.

    • Lift the main board from the rear casing at the bottom, making sure the volume dial clears the screw retainer post. DO NOT COMPLETELY REMOVE MAIN BOARD!

    • Once free, set the main board back down on the casing.

    • You are now free to desolder any of the contacts that need repair. In my situation, I will be examining the volume dial and will not need to desolder.

    • Good luck!

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