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We didn't do a step-by-step teardown for this device, but we did make a video! If you'd rather read along, see here.

Framework announced a 13” laptop designed from the ground up with repair and modularity in mind. We’ve been anxiously awaiting this thing, and it’s finally here: the Framework Laptop. Surely its top-tier repairability comes at a cost? Let’s tear it down and find out!

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Это демонтаж а неруководство по ремонту. Чтобы отремонтировать Framework Laptop, воспользуйтесь нашим сервисным руководством.

    Заключительные мысли
    • Every important component in the laptop is easy to access and replace.
    • Inside the laptop, most components are helpfully labeled to help orient and guide the fixer.
    • The Framework Laptop repair guides are free and easily accessible, and Framework is already selling spare parts right on their website.
    • External ports on the laptop are modular, but the actual USB-C sockets they plug into are soldered to the main board, complicating a potential port replacement.
    Уровень ремонтопригодности
    Ремонтопригодность 10из 10
    (10 легче всего ремонтировать)

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Buying one! When it comes to Turkey

KAAN CAN - Ответить

noice! a rare 10!

Ch_pi - Ответить

I have faith in these guys! Respects from Turkey.

Ömer Gülcü - Ответить

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