We pulled a couple of strings to acquire the most desirable Android phone today, the HTC Evo 4G!

Check out Wired's video of our HTC Evo 4G disassembly!

This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your HTC Evo 4G, use our service manual.

  1. Today is a glorious day in the history of teardowns. We welcome the HTC Evo 4G to grandest stage of them all.
    • Today is a glorious day in the history of teardowns. We welcome the HTC Evo 4G to grandest stage of them all.

    • The Evo 4G's technical highlights include:

      • 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor

      • 4.3 inch LCD Display

      • 512 MB RAM

      • Dual cameras (1.3 MP front and 8MP back)

      • HDMI output (requires adapter)

      • Android 2.1

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  2. The top of the Evo's smooth-contoured rear case is dominated by an 8 Megapixel camera and its two LED flashes.
    • The top of the Evo's smooth-contoured rear case is dominated by an 8 Megapixel camera and its two LED flashes.

    • A flip-out stand on its bottom edge allows the Evo to sit horizontally for watching videos on the 4.3" behemoth of a display.

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    • After a bit of careful prying, the rear case easily pops off the Evo.

    • Holy red innards! Maybe it's because the Republic of China's flag is 3/4 red?

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    • Like most reasonable phones, changing the Evo's battery is a snap.

    • The 3.7 V, 1500 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery weighs in at 31 grams.

      • That's 23% more capacity than an iPhone 3GS, 15% more than a Droid Incredible, and 7% more than a Nexus One.

    • Look out! There's a liquid damage indicator on the battery's top edge.

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    • We delve deeper into the Evo 4G by removing six T5 Torx screws and carefully prying off the internal frame with an iPod opening tool.

    My 4G had some type of safety fastener in place of the middle left torx screw shown in this image. Was reluctant to force it apart.

    Bill - Ответить

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    • The internal frame is easily removed from the rest of the Evo.

    • It houses the stand, antennas, LED flashes, and speaker.

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    • Two small Phillips screws secure the LED flash to the internal frame.

    • The dual LED flash assembly consists of no more than two LEDs soldered to a small interconnect board.

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    • A small Phillips screw near the top left corner of the Evo is all that keeps the left side of the logic board snug in its cradle.

    it's the camera removable????

    Adrian Petrescu - Ответить

    The rear facing camera is not user replaceable. It is soldered to the logic board. However, the front facing camera is replaceable as seen in step 10.

    Walter Galan -

    if you drop in toilet stop on this step and make sure all the moisture is gone then put it back together. It is ok to wipe everything down and I used a qtip also and put it back together and it works better than it did before I took it for a swim. Thanks a lot to showing me how to tear it down. Saved me over 300 dollars to get a new one

    donnie - Ответить

    • After disconnecting ribbon cables for the display, digitizer, and front camera, the logic board can be removed from the front half of the Evo.

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    • The forward facing 1.3 Megapixel camera lifts right out of its enclosure in the top portion of the Evo 4G.

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    • We used an iPod opening tool to separate the glass from the LCD and frame.

    • Removing the glass is not terribly difficult with the Evo 4G. This is great news for those unfortunate enough to drop their shiny phone and crack the glass.

    This step neglects to mention the adhesive (mentioned in the video) that attaches the glass to the digitizer and LCD. Because I didn't know about it, in an attempt to remove water on the LCD, I ended up destroying the display, which puts me out one $550 phone (and that's not covered by Sprint's insurance).

    Scott - Ответить

    As stated in the introduction, "Teardowns provide a look inside a device and should not be used as disassembly instructions." A full set of repair guides for this device can be found here.

    Andrew Bookholt -

    NOT TRUE. The glass is BONDED, if you try this, you have just bought a new Evo. YOU A-Holes need to get your GD act together.

    Ed Davis - Ответить

    Follow this guide to replace your front panel. How do I know? I've done it before. Teardowns are not repair guides. Don't be @!&!$% at iFixit because you're an illiterate hack.

    Project Mayhem -

    • Standing out on the board:

      • Several rows of pressure contacts connecting the antennas to the logic board.

      • The vibrator motor for...well...vibrating.

      • 8 Megapixel camera sensor.

      • Battery connector.

    • The other side of the board is about as featureless as it can be.

    There is one more set of antenna contacts at the lower right of the board. I think you missed highlighting them in red.

    Also interesting are the U.FL connectors for each set of antenna "pads" perhaps for testing the board without the back on?

    natexornate - Ответить

    Is there a power charger replacement part I can buy to replay it right next to "The vibrator motor for...well...vibrating" on the right hand side? it would not charge using the USB cable to charge the phone. Please help?

    Sarah Ch - Ответить

    • Big players on the board include:

      • A Broadcom BCM4329 integrating Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and FM connectivity to provide speeds up to 50 Mbits/s in 802.11n.

      • Sequans SQ1210 RF combo chip.

      • Qualcomm's QSD8650 Snapdragon processor.

      • Atmel's MXT224 Touchscreen controller.

      • Qualcomm's RTR6500 CDMA2000 transceiver with GPS.

      • Qualcomm's PM7540 power management IC.

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    • More fun packages:

      • Samsung KBY00U00VM NAND Flash.

      • Avago's FEM7758 front end module.

      • Texas Instruments TPS65051 6-channel Power Mgmt IC.

      • Triquint TQM613029 CDMA PA-Duplexer Module.

      • Bosch Sensortec BMA150 Digital, triaxial acceleration sensor

    Any way you can identify the DA Converters on this thing?

    Terry Lee - Ответить

    And Codec too?

    Terry Lee -

    Any idea about the magnetometer? I wonder if it's the small component at the very bottom below the RTR6500, since it's a little bit isolated from other components.

    drew - Ответить

    • The fallen remains of what was once an HTC Evo 4G.

    • As always, thank you for choosing iFixit as your number one source for gadget teardowns.

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