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You will be able to teardown your Logitech Mouse in case of problems


No parts specified.

  1. First of all You have to remove battery
    • First of all You have to remove battery

    Don’t overlook the single screw visible just below where the USB dongle (Universal Receiver) nests under the battery cover.

    Duane Blanchard - Ответить

  2. unscrew the screws under the label unscrew the screws under the label
    • unscrew the screws under the label

    Don’t bother cutting/peeling back the label inside the battery compartment, just poke your driver around until you feel it settle into the head of the screws.

    Duane Blanchard - Ответить

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  4. Under the rubber on the top of the mouse there are other screws
    • Under the rubber on the top of the mouse there are other screws

    Near the lower left corner of the “skate” is a slot for a thin flat head screwdriver to start lifting the skate. Once, it is partially lifted, rotate the handle of the driver to gently peel it away, don’t scrape off the adhesive by sliding the driver around.

    Duane Blanchard - Ответить

    There are 5 screws in total, one at the bottom as well.

    pnauta - Ответить

  5. I had a problem with the right click: I solved with a shim on the little switch
    • I had a problem with the right click: I solved with a shim on the little switch

    • Here we are!

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! Had the exact problem and this allowed me to fix it. I cut out a piece of semi-hard thin plastic from a retail package (any kind will probably do). I used strips of 2mm cell phone repair tape to stick the shim to the underside of the top shell of the mouse, since I wanted to be able to remove it and put a thicker shim if needed, but this worked. The same type of thin double sided tape worked great to reattach the rubber pad covering the top two screws.

    hiperfcomputers4c - Ответить

    You're welcome ;)

    francescopalmisano -

    I had no idea they had screws under the label. Optic popped out of the snapcasing; popped it back in, saved $30 replacing my mouse. Nice guide.

    Alexander Wilson - Ответить

    I'm happy to be usefull!

    francescopalmisano -

    Had issues left clicking to highlight…micro switch had intermittent contact. Nice how-to to find all the hidden screws. Used 2 layers of aluminum tape (really good stuff!) to build up the pads that hit the micro switches. works great now.

    Corey Ernst - Ответить

    My issue was that I’d dislodged the photo receptor and laser when I dropped my mouse. I was able to reseat it, and test the mouse, then I added a dab of hot glue to keep it seated the next time I drop it.

    Duane Blanchard - Ответить

    Awesome. I just fixed my M705 by following these instructions. I was having a hard time making the buttons click, especially when dragging. A thin piece of plastic (from retail packing as mentioned in a previous comment) secured with thin double-sided tape to the bottom of the mouse buttons (on the top case) worked great. Thanks for this!

    Patrick Gaerlan - Ответить

    Thanks! I was able to repair my mouse without pestering my husband to do it for me. All the comments were very helpful, too. I used two layers of the semi rigid plastic from the packaging of the glue, then glued them to the shell side. I’d love instructions on how to disable the thumb-side arrow buttons since I’m always accidentally pressing them. I would suggest only using one layer of the plastic, I had to go back in and add one layer to the right side because I’d added too much to the left.

    maccoon - Ответить


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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1) There is an additional screw that is already removed on the first picture : under the USB stick emplacement.

2) It is not necessary to remove the rubber. Just peel it with something thin, because the screws are very lateral

3) Be careful while disassembling the top, it is plugged to the base by a 3 wires connector (white/red/black on the Step 4 picture).

Philippe Puech - Ответить

Nice simple guide. I used it to quickly take apart a M705 where the laser stopped working after it fell. I didn't do more than reseat the connector cable, but it seems to work again now !

Philippe Puech's comments are good. In fact I wished I'd noticed his 2) before removing the rubber, as the lower layer distorts and doesn't fit back well on a complete removal. His comment puzzled me at first, and might be better phrased as "Peel back the rubber from each side to expose the Left and Right retaining screws. "

A screw bit labelled PH1 (Philllips Head 1) seemed to fit the screws well.

Epee Sharkey - Ответить

Hello, I recently bought used m705. but it wont turn on even if i change the battery. is there anyway i can fix this?

Thank you.

eekj97 - Ответить

Anybody knows if there's a replacement for laser sensor available?

Danyil - Ответить

great thanks.. just to clarify you screw right through the lable.. no need to remove it. that got me stuck for a while.


David Miller - Ответить

Additional tear down. When removing the top cover with the pre-mentioned 3 wire connector. There are two screws which hold down the silver/grey skin or cover. I had to remove mine as the alignment of the left and right buttons had changed and allowed them two to touch. This alignment issue also caused issues with the scroll wheel where pages where constantly changing position or “jumping”.

Jeff Shannon - Ответить

This was great help, when my right mouse button was hard to press down. I found a thin wide cable was sticking straight up, making the right click hard to press down. I just folded it in.

Byron Hallman - Ответить

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