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This is the Microsoft Surface Book 2, and just like every Surface device we’ve done a teardown on this year it scored horribly on our repairability scale. How bad did it do? We gave it a 1 out of 10, which to be honest is at least a little better than the Surface laptop which got a zero but still. So today I’ll be essentially walking you through how to design a device that’s terrible for repair.

Это демонтаж а неруководство по ремонту. Чтобы отремонтировать Microsoft Surface Book 2, воспользуйтесь нашим сервисным руководством.

    Заключительные мысли
    • After the difficult opening procedure, the SSD can be replaced.
    • The display assembly consists of a fused glass panel and LCD, and is difficult to remove and replace.
    • The processor and RAM are soldered to the motherboard.
    • Strong adhesive holds many components in place, including the display, base cover, and both batteries.
    • Many components are on the backs of their respective boards, requiring motherboard removal to replace simple components.
    Уровень ремонтопригодности
    Ремонтопригодность 1из 10
    (10 легче всего ремонтировать)

Комментариев: 24

Any chance we will see a 15 inch teardown?

Samuel Young - Ответить

I agree with Mr. Young. The 15 inch model houses the new Core i7 8650U, a quad-core processor, as well as a discrete graphics card, the GTX 1060. Any chance that you might be taking a look into that?

Ethan Zuo -

Will there be a written version?

Liam Powell - Ответить

Can you swap the ram? (with effort)

Maxi “Maxam” W - Ответить

As stated in the video, no, the ssd is removable but the, ram, cpu, gpu etc are soldered onto the board

Pierce Sonnenberg -

Unless you are highly proficient in SMD replacement as well as having the required Microscope, hot air or rework station, soldering iron (not a cheap one), and on top of that years worth of experience. So the simple answer is no but the technical answer is yes. If you already have an investment of about 3 of these laptops plus training.

Owen M -

So When you heat up the screen to remove it. When you place the screen back on, what glue do you use to place it back?? didn’t see you remove any screws.

Justin Sinnard - Ответить

Any chance that you will tear one down with a GTX 1060 in it? I would love to see that.

Ethan Zuo - Ответить

I watched the whole video and expected to see how they were able to cram in the gtx card inside.

Please make a review on the new surface book 2 with a gtx card.

Constantin Suman - Ответить

why is there no written teardown? really not interested in seeing a video of it. thats just not intuitive…

Claude Nobs - Ответить

I have advised many people to avoid this piece of junk like the plague.

MrJimPhelps - Ответить

why? these are great innovative laptops, just a little pricey and could use one more generation before it’s truly incredible

topnewstories -

I think it is definitely worth seeing a 15 inch Surface Book 2 teardown since it has a larger form factor (obviously) and the discrete graphics.

J P - Ответить

is the display of surface book 1 13.5 and surface book 2 13.5 the same?

can one of 1 version with the second install?

Sniper - Ответить

with the surfaca book apart, can you document a pinout for the surface cnnector ports on both the clipboard and the keyboard for the main pins as well as the two side pins?

Jeff Wenz - Ответить

My hinge is not alligned, is it possible for me to tear down the hinge and readjust it?

Yichen Jin - Ответить

The videos are too fast on the narration / commentary. Much prefer the written tear downs which you can refer back to and list screw sizes mark locations on the motherboards etc.. The videos far from being an improvement are actually a dumbing down. They are okay in addition to a written format, and would be even more interesting to see it the other way around i.e. replacing the SSD and then rebuilding.

Roy Clay - Ответить

So irritating it can’t be opened given they charge $500 more to go from a 512GB SSD to 1TB.

Michael Dayah - Ответить

Is there any way to detach the screen from the keyboard if the device wont turn on?

Its Me SadFace - Ответить

Is there any way to detach the screen from the keyboard if the device wont turn on?

kanagaraaj ks - Ответить

Hi there,

my USB-C port is broken any idea if it can be replaced?


Alberto Viceconti - Ответить

How can i rebond after heating and open the front? Can i put the two parts together, heat and wait some hours for cool down? Is the connection secure?

thomaskrischke - Ответить

I have a Surface Book 1. The volume control button, up and down, appear stuck in the down position to where you can press neither. After disassembly, I noticed the power button had a plastic T insert in the physical motherboard control. The volume up and down connections did not have the T insert So the physical user button can not be held in place. It appears this T insert acts as a spacer of sorts to not only activate the volume control when a user presses the button, but also hold the external buttons in place so the user can press them.

Can these T inserts be replaced for the volume control?

brad.harris - Ответить

What was used to replace the back panel? It looks like the keyboard panel was pried and had a lot of adhesive. What was used to reattach it? Thanks!

alex harrell - Ответить

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