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A mobile robot developed in the 80s by Tomy and sold by Radioshack in the United States.

More videos and information can be found at the I Heart Robotics blog

This guide shows a tear down of the main arm.

This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your Mobile Armatron, use our service manual.

  1. Open up the remote control.
    • Open up the remote control.

  2. Remove the screw as indicated.
    • Remove the screw as indicated.

    • If someone spilled soda or apple juice over the controller it may be helpful to clean the board using contact cleaner.

    • Remove screws where indicated.

    • Gripper components can be removed for further disassembly.

    • Use the knife to peel off stickers that conceal the screw holes.

    • More screws can be removed to check the condition of gear teeth.

    • Admire the mechanical design.

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