Was having heat issues and decided to clean it out. Here's the steps taken.

  1. Using fingernail, or spudger, remove the cover.
    • Using fingernail, or spudger, remove the cover.

    • Remove PH1 screw

    • Pull HDD out.

  2. Remove sticker an underlying rubber tab
    • Remove sticker an underlying rubber tab

    • Remove the T9 security screw

    • Pull cover towards you to remove

    • Remove the 6 long medium screws

    • Remove the medium medium screw. This screw is conveniently marked with an S if you forget what goes where.

    • The blueray drive is NOT screwed down. Do not tip the console!

    • Use a finger to press the tab next to the medium length screw and lift. The case pivots on the front.

    • When putting back together, place the front edge and rotate back. The screws will pop everything back in place.

    • Flip blueray drive over and lift the tab to remove the cable

    • Remove M screw

    • Remove medium medium screws

    • Remove long M screws

    • When putting back together, the fine thread screws are marked with M.

    • Push down on tab and pull straight out

    • Pull straight out

    • Do not use a metal spudger! There are exposed prongs that may short and shock you. I did not know this when I did it.

    • Using something non-conductive, lift this corner up to make removal easier.

    • Pull straight up to remove the power supply.

    • Remove the short medium screws

    • Remove the ground screw

    • Remove the heatsink screws and braces

    • Lift the front to remove

    • Do this slowly. The heatsinks are not screwed down and you may damage the fins if you use too much force.

    • This is the second time I've taken this apart. That's why there is no thermal paste on the chips. They do put paste on there. Too much in my opinion.

    • When putting back together, all the screw places are marked. If the hole doesn't have a marker, don't put a screw in it.

    • Unscrew the M screws and unplug the board battery. Your PS3 now does not know the date and time.

    • I messed up when I put it back together. The shield goes under the top half of the HDD cage.

    • Lift this side of the HDD cage and wiggle it. The pins can be tricky.

    • Remove the shield over the USB and WiFi controller

    • Remove the USB and WiFi controller. It lifts straight up. Remove the white tape.

    • Lift from this side to remove the motherboard shield.

    • The motherboard lifts right out

    • Ok, I forgot to take a picture before unscrewing the bottom. There are 4 small medium screws.

    • The back plate lifts up

    • The fan and cover lifts straight up

    • The heatsinks are not screwed down and lift right out

    • Insert wisdom here.

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I have this exact same ps3 model and I took it apart to clean it and now the controller won't sync. I press the PS button and all 4 lights blink rapidly (faster than when 1 blinks when it's charging) for about 30 secs and then turn off. I have tried to sync it a couple diff ways with the same result.

Jeff - Reply

The ribbon cable in image 2 of step 6 may be loose.

knyrii -

My ps3 Fat bluetooth not working i am changing thE bluetooth plate but not working pls help

harpreet singh - Reply

Only a few things I can think of:

Replacement module is bad

Replacement module is the wrong version

Something is interfering with the bluetooth signal

knyrii -

My PS3 keeps shutting down when trying to load a game...sometimes it goes but some other times not...

Any help?

Thanks in advance

Ana Teixeira - Reply

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