This is a quick teardown of the playstation move controller.

This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your PlayStation Move, use our service manual.

Playstation Move Controller
  • Playstation Move Controller

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Remove the 4 screws holding the back over and trigger button on.
  • Remove the 4 screws holding the back over and trigger button on.

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  • Once open you will see two ribbon cables.

  • The one connected to the trigger button is removable.

  • The ribbon cable attached to light globe is soldered on.

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  • Light Globe Cover and the LED Module can be separated.

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  • The battery can easily be removed. There is connector on the side of the board.

  • Battery Specs: Single Cell 1380 mAh 3.7 Volt

  • Sony Part: LIS1441

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  • Remove the inner plastic (1 Screw) frame to expose the logic board

  • Remove the 2 top screws and one bottom screw to remove the logic board from the controller.

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  • Logic Board

  • Chip Closeups Included

  • 503A 04c ALPS - Radio Module

  • AKM8974948D - MEMS Gyroscope

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