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Burke McQuinn

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What’s the part number for the LCD screen? Do you know if it’s commonly found elsewhere?

Michael Innes - Ответить

The piece that has the mic came off mine when it fell i can see where it goes i just need to know how to connect it back so the mic will work plz help

Rosalie Rozensky - Ответить

How to start opening?

Do you have pics from the power supply?

weissbierwaldi - Ответить

Second the request on how to open the device. I need to solder the power switch back on the board and can’t figure out how to open the Portal Plus. Thanks.

Briz Garcia - Ответить

I can’t quite remember where I started to open.. It was either the bottom or back of the device. This device was so difficult just to get the housing off, I had a really hard time, and at some point I just started to cutting. I have been taking things apart and reassembling ALL MY LIFE..I am good at it…SO GOOD LUCK with getting it open without damaging.

Burke McQuinn - Ответить

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