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Это демонтаж а неруководство по ремонту. Чтобы отремонтировать Samsung Galaxy Buds, воспользуйтесь нашим сервисным руководством.

    Заключительные мысли
    • External assemblies are held together with clips instead of glue, making for a mostly non-destructive entry process.
    • Disassembly can be accomplished with common prying tools and a Phillips screwdriver.
    • The earbuds use coin-cell batteries that are relatively easy to find online for future replacements.
    • The charging case battery is easier to replace, but will most likely be more difficult to source.
    • Adhesive is used to keep many of the internal components together, though it is not excessive and can be reused for reassembly.
    • After opening, careful prying is required to separate some adhered components without tearing fragile cables.
    • Some cables in the charging case are soldered directly to the motherboard instead of utilizing contact pads or board connectors.
    Уровень ремонтопригодности
    Ремонтопригодность 6из 10
    (10 легче всего ремонтировать)

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%#*@, I wish you were my friend. I would then buy you a case of beer for you to tear apart my hearing aid and give it a good cleaning.

icomeau - Ответить

Someone accidentally washed my charging case…thank God the earbuds weren’t a part of it. However, ever since it refuses to charge my earbuds and I cant find a replacement online. Any ideas?

Mohsin Khan - Ответить

You can take it apart and let it all dry out for a little while! If it’s not working after that, you can check eBay for someone selling a working case by itself.

Taylor Dixon -

I accidentally dropped one earbud and it got stepped on and now it won't work, like it doesn't connect or play music, is there a way to repair or do I need a new set?

Gabriel Pulido - Ответить

It’s hard to say for sure what exactly broke inside the bud, but if you can find some parts on eBay or somewhere then you can probably bring the bud back to life! The tricky part is finding the parts since the buds are so new.

Taylor Dixon -

If the board snapped since its so small you’ll need a new one

Ricardo Cerda -

I accidentally left my bud in my pocket and it got washed. The volume became lower and I don’t know what to do

Erin Salami - Ответить

Take apart and pour alcohol on to dilute the water as much as possible, then take canned air and spray in where the sound comes out from both sides

Ricardo Cerda -

where i can buy case motherboard or if u call it electronics. bcs i washed my case, and now won’t charge

Mladen Drincic - Ответить

iFixit sells the Samsung Galaxy Earbud batteries but not the motherboard. You might be able to find a used case on ebay to use or for parts.

Sarah Westberg -

Having an issue with the left ear bud, volume is a lot lower in the left, have reset the buds, paired with other dives and all come up with the same outcome, any ideas?

Jovan Maistry - Ответить

If you didn’t damage them, open them up disconnect cables and reconnect them

Ricardo Cerda -

Where I can buy the battery for the Buds??

David Espejo - Ответить

Hey David! You can find a replacement battery here: Samsung Galaxy Buds and Buds Live Batteries, but they’re out of stock right now. :/ You can probably find the same ones on Amazon or Ebay! Just look for the CP1254 A2 cells.

Taylor Dixon -

I dropped my ear bud in water let it dry it and quit working so I took it apart to dry. now it keeps acting like I'm tapping it and holding my finger on it opening google

Deadmans Kat - Ответить

Is there anywhere I can get new metal mesh? I took one of mine apart to clean, but somehow lost it.

mm_senrab - Ответить

Be aware that earwax is a common substance that dogs love to lick and eat. So if you don't put the buds back in the charging case, and you have dog(s), I have 3, they will go for them.

My Malamute ignored them, but 1 of the Border Collies got ahold of 1 of them. I found it cracked open, with a tooth mark indentation on the bottom of the oval circle. The tooth had pressed the circle inward, so the top case would not go on. I very carefully pried the plastic back into shape, and was able to put the top lid back on. Be careful as to orientation when you put the top cap back on!

Then I found the rubber band and gently put that on the outside of the bud. There is a cutout on the rubber band, and that is to be lined up with the small rectangular plastic stub at bottom on the ear bud. When properly aligned, you should see the plastic raised rectangle thru the slit in the rubber band. It will be flush or slightly protruding beyond the thickness of the rubber band. Once assembled correctly, they should work again.

charliewatts57 - Ответить

Is it possible to invert the earphone batteries? My right phone stopped working, started to beep and heat up, then the right side just died and I don't know how to fix it.

rogeriovilela - Ответить

My friend gave me his buds and I guess he spilt something on them awhile ago. The sound is very low will I have to take it apart to replace the speakers?

Nameless Villian - Ответить

I just found a quick way to open up the earbud. Spraying compressed air in the hole between the speaker and charging contacts popped the buds right open. No need to pry anything. They popped right back together once you line up the arrows.

Roger Broadus - Ответить

That was so much easier, thank you

Mark Smith -

is it possible to get the compleat charging ribbon the ribbon with the two brass charging ends

phoenixof66 - Ответить

Accidentally washed my buds. put them in rice and they started working but the right side doesn’t recognize when it’s in my ear and so I can’t use the touch controls and if I take the left one out, it pauses my video or music. The right side did start working out of nowhere one morning like 2 weeks after the wash, but that only lasted a day. almost thought I imagined it, lol. And now, a few months later the buds sometimes randomly disconnects. Any advice on what I should do?

joe - Ответить

I watched your disassembly guide a long way back and thought to myself this looks really easy i should take the bud apart out of fascination of how it all works and looks, ever since then the same bud i took apart stopped working. I've tried everything i could find online or think to do but to no avail thus far, the bud charges fine and shows up on the app normaly but no sound comes out from it. Can anything be done to salvage it?

Ahmed El-sharif - Ответить

So i basically sleep with my earbuds. And one day i woke up with one in my mouth. Thank god i didn't swallow it. Anyways now it does make sound but i feel that there is water inside. Im trying to open it with my hand it to dry it but i can't. Or should i wait for it to dry. But it has already been sitting for a whole day to dry and still nothing changed.

Blue Novas - Ответить

Great video and super easy to take apart. Someone needs to post a video or steps on cleaning out the screen. All you have to do is use a small needle sewing. There is a black filter behind the screen and I used isopropyl alcohol. I have a lot of earwax and the left Galaxy Bud was super blocked. It's fixed now

Nathan Black - Ответить

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