I have a PlayStation 1, and i have decided to make a new teardown of it.

I'm spanish, so my english is a bit poor, and sorry for the mistakes made in this teardown.

Without further delay, we start.

This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your PlayStation, use our service manual.

Here's the PS1.
  • Here's the PS1.

  • Turn the PS1 over and remove the six screws.

So far looking good. I'm commenting as you are making this teardown.

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Remove the top cover. It's very easy.
  • Remove the top cover. It's very easy.

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  • Disconnect both CD-ROM connectors.

    • CD connector one and the socket it connects to.

    • CD connector two and the socket it connects to.

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  • Remove the CD-ROM reader. You should be able to pull it out gently, although you may have to wiggle it around a bit to loosen the rubber holders.

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  • Detach both cables. They go to the power supply and to the memory cards and controller connectors.

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  • Remove the four screws and the metal cover.

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  • Now you have the motherboard!

  • And the power supply.

  • Remove the four screws from the motherboard and the power supply.

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  • Once the screws are removed, remove the power supply.

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  • Remove the motherboard, and both of the screws from the memory card/ controller connection mechanism.

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  • Now, you have all your PlayStation 1 parts!

    • Main Board

    • Lower Casing

    • EMI Shield

    • Power Supply

    • Disk Reader

    • Memory Card/ Controller Mechanism

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