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This guide explains how to take apart the standard Tesco Value Kettle, so you can see its internal parts.

This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your Tesco Value JK07 Kettle, use our service manual.

Take your kettle and remove it from the base.
  • Take your kettle and remove it from the base.

  • Carefully remove the limescale filter by sliding it out from the lip.

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Remove the screw from the bottom side of the lid.
  • Remove the screw from the bottom side of the lid.

  • Disassemble the lid and remove the plastic piece inside.

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  • Remove the button that opens the lid by sliding it out.

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  • Remove the screws on the underside of the kettle to release the socket cover.

  • Separate the handle from the kettle.

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  • Remove the screws to separate the handle and the lid from the hinge.

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  • Gently remove the switch cover.

  • Remove the circular piece attached to the switch base by gently pulling it away.

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  • Remove the screws from the socket at the back of the kettle.

  • These screws also hold the socket together, so once they have been removed, it can be opened.

  • The components within the socket are clipped in. Remove the components by gently pulling.

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  • Remove the heating element.

  • Remove the gasket.

  • Remove the plate beneath the heating element by bending the metal in the holes as shown in the picture. Remove the plate from the clips.

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  • Remove all the screws from the bottom, then gently separate the two halves.

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  • Then push the feet (B) out from the base (C).

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  • The plug and cable (G) are held in by clips and can be pulled away.

  • The fuse (F) can be pulled away from inside the pins on the plug (G).

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  • The kettle is now fully disassembled.

  • There should be 26 separate parts, all shown here in this photo.

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