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What do you need to remove a glued-down battery from a Galaxy phone?

Option 1: lots of heat, a pry tool, a fire extinguisher, a bucket of sand, and nerves of steel vibranium.

Option 2: a syringe loaded with a little iFixit Adhesive Remover.

We opt for the latter and splash a bit of the blue stuff into the little tub that cradles the battery. A few minutes later, we have our prize.

This here's a 3.85 V, 3500 mAh battery weighing in at 13.48 Wh. Sound familiar?

Yep, those are the exact same specs as the battery we found in the S8+ last year... and the infamous Note7.

By the way, Samsung really likes to put this sticky black webbing on top of their batteries, and we've never learned why. Give us a shout if you can offer a clue.

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