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The Magic Leap One is clearly an expensive, short-run piece of hardware. Every bit of construction is intended to maintain the precise calibration for the life of the device. Our guess would be that this was pushed out at full speed, regardless of the price, to get something on the market.

Let’s hope for a consumer edition that maintains the thoughtful design and dedication to durability, while also avoiding the short-sightedness of this device.

Special thanks to Karl Guttag of KGonTech, who contributed his invaluable time and expertise to help us navigate this teardown.

VR expert, and our sometimes-nemesis, Palmer Luckey also contributed some great content, as well as hardware access. You can read his full take on the Magic Leap One here.

Any mistakes in this teardown are almost certainly ours, and not those of our contributors.

Lastly, it's time to assign a repairability score.

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