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Now things get a bit destructive, but it's worth it to get a peek at the optics chain.

A tiny ring of six LEDs starts the process—red, green and blue, times two for two focus planes.

The LEDs then shine on the LCOS microdisplay to generate an image. It's mounted to the black plastic housing next door.

From inside that housing, a collimating lens aligns the raw light output from the LEDs, and is mounted to a polarizing beam splitter.

The polarized beams then pass through a series of lenses to focus the image into the entrance gratings on the waveguides.

The entrance gratings themselves look like tiny dots embedded in the six (now slightly shattered) waveguides.

We pick up the "injection" unit for a closer look, revealing the colors associated with each entrance grating: two red, two green, and two blue.

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