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The mid-range drivers have pretty impressive permanent magnets, accounting for 37% of the device's total 5.7 lbs.

Want more specs on the speakers? So did we. Since Sonos is hush-hush about them, we decided to do some poking and prodding of our own. Here's what we came up with:

2 ¾" mid-range drivers (2" composite speaker cones)

4.8 Ω measured resistance

1" silk dome tweeter

3.7 Ω measured resistance (tweeter)

Why do we stress that these are measured resistances? While speaker ratings are given in ohms, the unit of resistance, they're actually values of impedance, which is dependent on the specific frequency being played. Home stereo speaker impedances are usually 8 Ω, but because a multimeter can only read resistance, our measurement will be lower.

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