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More efficient hardware not only makes for longer battery life, but also less waste heat. So we're pleasantly unsurprised to see this Switch packing a downsized heat sink and fan.

In case you're worried about decreased thermal performance, remember that this Switch will be only be outputting to its built-in display at 720p or less, unlike the big Switch, which has to output up to 1080p when docked.

Another slight difference: the previous L and R triggers pressed directly against a button on a PCB, but the new triggers switch to a membrane-style key. This could help with ingress protection, and definitely gives the triggers a more pleasing actuation distance.

The speaker drivers look to be the same as those in the original Switch, but the housings are all new.

Not only are they now downward-firing, but they've also expanded up into the space formerly held down by the two Joy-Con batteries. Although we haven't done a head-to-head sound test, we'd be surprised if the Lite didn't come out on top.

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