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Google gifted this Pixel with a supersmooth (sometimes) 90 Hz screen—a rarity thus far, even amongst the flagship-iest of smartphones.

Google also made sure nobody could take it from the Pixel without a struggle. Strong perimeter adhesive + screen layers going literally to the edge + giant duct-tape-like adhesive pad = screen does not want to come out intact.

In theory there's no reason to do this—only broken screens need be removed this way. But this is not a fun process for replacing an (all too common) broken screen.

At least in this case, the result is interesting: this display is manufactured by Samsung! This comes as something of a surprise, given that Samsung has not yet put a 90 Hz display even in its own smartphones.

On board, we also find a somewhat unexpected chip package from STMicro, likely a capacitive touchscreen controller.

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