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Time for us to do what we do best: jam tools into things and see what comes apart.

Let's start with some keycaps. Remember the iMac's Magic Keyboard? It's a well-liked, reliable design that Apple calls the "core technology" for the redesigned keyboard in this new machine.

That might be understating it slightly: side by side, we're hard pressed to spot any differences. Scissor switches, keycaps... There's slightly less space surrounding these new keys, and pundits will celebrate those reconfigured arrow keys—but everything else looks nigh identical.

News flash: there's not even a dust-proofing membrane on these new switches. We're inclined to take this as a very good sign. (It means we can finally eat Doritos during teardowns again.)

To round out the comparison, here's a third image showing the controversial (and notoriously temperamental) "butterfly" switch in the 15" MacBook Pro released just a few months ago.

But why stop there? Here's a shot of the scissor switch in the "unibody" 2012 MacBook Pro design...

...and the scissor in Apple's last laptop with a "good" keyboard, the 2015 MacBook Pro with Retina display.

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