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Back in our day, the Motorola Razr was the coolest thing around. We're happy to see that the new Razr keeps the sleek look of the original—despite the significant upgrades to the screen, camera, speakers, and silicon it packs.

All that modern-day gear adds bulk, though! The new Razr is 35% wider and 118% heavier than our 2004 V3, making it less pocketable than you might think.

Pockets aside, a closer look at the folding action reveals a small gap between the hinge and display on each side. Similar gaps, you might say, to those that contributed to the demise of some of the first Galaxy Folds.

This gap appears mainly midway through the folding action, and doesn't plague the Razr in open configuration. So maybe it's safe? But at $1500 USD, it's a potentially expensive "maybe."

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