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With the pOLED display removed, we're a bit dismayed that the battery comes with it. Prying against this flexible sheet for a battery swap doesn't seem ideal, even if the battery is in a metal caddy.

Nine steps in we finally have both batteries: This yellow rectangle packs slightly more punch, at 1265 mAh and 4.8 Wh, than the wafer-thin 4.7 Wh cell we extracted earlier.

The batteries add up to Motorola's claim of 2510 mAh, or 9.7 Wh of power. For comparison, just one of the Galaxy Fold batteries has about the same capacity of both of these things put together. The giant L-shaped iPhone XS Max battery manages to dwarf them all at 3969 mAh, or 15.04 Wh.

The pOLED display (allegedly a BOE screen, potentially using LG Display technology) isn't giving up many secrets—but we do spy some Samsung tech:

Samsung S6SY77CX, likely an iteration of Samsung's popular touch controller.

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