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Smartwatches might be the next big thing, but—right now—the Pebble is a unique device. We don't have a repairability metric for a watch…yet.

In lieu of a numeric score, we'd like to list a few of our repairability and durability findings:

Low power consumption decreases the frequency of charges, increasing the battery life.

Watch band is a standard size and easily replaceable.

Inaccessible battery limits life of the device to 6-10 years (by our estimates).

It is impossible to open the device without destroying it or at least compromising its waterproofing, making internal repairs infeasible.

We got in touch with Pebble's design team and voiced some concerns about end-of-life recycling. We were happy to learn that they currently have a plan in the works for a responsible recycling program for dead Pebbles.

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