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The Oculus Rift Development Kit Repairability Score: 9 out of 10 (10 is best)

This is a preliminary score, given that this Rift is essentially a beta product. We'll know for sure once the real thing is released down the line—but here's what we've got for now!

Standard Phillips #1 coarse thread screws are used in both the headset and control box, making it a cinch to open them.

Standard clips around the perimeter make separating the front panel pretty easy.

Two foam adhesive pads holding the LCD in place were a tad annoying, but easy to re-adhere during reassembly.

The entire device can be taken apart in less than 10 minutes.

Kapton tape is used to hold some cables together, which should probably be replaced with new tape if the product is disassembled.

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