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Start by disconnecting everything, cables, battery, etc.

There are three hex-shaped screws holding the board, which are right where the CPU was. These also provide the screw holes to screw and hold the CPU. Use an English 1/4" size socket to remove these three screws left behind from the CPU.

I used a metric size socket(I believe it was 7mm), as I did not have an English size handy, and the metric seemed to work fine.

Then remove the 4 screws which are located around the edge of the board. If you have less than 4 screws, don't worry too much, if you don't have trouble removing the board at the next step, then you are fine.

REMEMBER TO GROUND YOURSELF! Use an anti-static wrist strap to prevent ESD damage to your logic board.

Now, slide the logic board away from the rear of the case about 1/2 inch, and lift it out. It should not be difficult to pull out or up, if it is, go back, and make sure you have removed all screws. I did, however, have to pull out towards the front, then up, then back towards the back of the case before I could completely remove the board.

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