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Less tasty, but more powerful than a Pixy Stick, our spudger makes motherboard removal easier than taking candy from a baby.

We quickly spudge away the wireless charging control and NFC board. LG built this little board into an EMI shield assembly that pops in right over the motherboard.

This shape reminds us a little of this helpful KitKat map

NFC is the tech behind Google Wallet—one of the Nexus devices' most loved features and one often blocked by carriers. Last month, the rumor mill speculated that the Nexus 5 would feature a Broadcom NFC controller that could eliminate carriers' ability to wallet-block customers.

Lo and behold: the Broadcom BCM20793M NFC controller.

Also on board: Texas Instruments BQ51013B Qi 1.1 Compliant Wireless Power Receiver

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