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Motorola has graciously included a pull tab to ease removing the Moto 360's battery. Considering the work it took to get here, it feels like a bit of a joke—sort of like handicap-accessible bathrooms on the second level of a store that has no elevator.

Talk around the water cooler is that the Moto 360 suffers from an abysmal battery life.

Let's compare its battery capacity with its competitors, the Samsung Gear Live and the LG G Watch:

Motorola Moto 360: 3.8 V, 300 mAh battery rated at 1.1 Wh of energy.

Samsung Gear Live: 3.8 V, 300 mAh battery rated at 1.14 Wh of energy.

LG G Watch: 3.8 V, 400 mAh battery rated at 1.5 Wh of energy.

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