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Last to come out of the box: a great big chunky heat sink with a cute little power supply board tucked away inside.

Heat rises, so this heat-generating component lives on top of the stack, with the heat-sensitive logic board beneath.

The redesigned power supply is rated at 12 V at 0.917 A. Compare that to the 3rd-gen Apple TV's main reactor, which pumped out 3.4 V at 1.75 A.

We noticed a distinct lack of cables connecting the power supply to the logic board. We're theorizing the power is either transmitted by magic, or through the heat sink screw posts.

And as a fun bonus, some chips:

NXP Semiconductor TEA1738LT switch mode power supply controller

Toshiba TLP291 photocoupler

STMicroelectronics STF6N65M2 650 V N-channel MOSFET

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