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Our path to victory is clear: remove the bracket, free the display, win. Tools from the 64 Bit Driver Kit make short work of the T5 Torx screws.

We like to say that we break things so you don't have to. That's what happened here today. Teardowns are our opportunity to learn how a new device goes together—so we can develop guides with a repeatable, nondestructive procedure for everyone else to use.

In this case, the OLED panel separated from the digitizer glass a little too easily for our liking. Super-thin components and no frame or bezel behind the display make it extra sketchy to remove—but, we'll be working on a better way to get it out next time.

The Samsung-manufactured display bears the part number AMS546KD09.

And riding on the back of the display panel: a Synaptics ClearPad S3708 touch controller.

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