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As we start our teardownunder we're greeted by a now-familiar face. Features include:

Solid-state home "button" with Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

A (still) IPS display similar to the one we found in the iPhone 7 (but now featuring True Tone).

On the backside, we spy the iPhone's snazzy new glass backing with its seven-layer color finish.

Apple assures everyone that this rear panel is reinforced with "an internal laser-welded steel and copper structure," but time and durability tests will tell if this phone will suffer from a snap, crackle, pop—or yet another Bendgate.

Jury is still out on the model number and the missing wheely-bin symbol.

Finally, before getting to work, we take a second to line up our new gold iPhone 8 and yesteryear's rose gold 6s. Apple has certainly refined (and re-refined) this design, in addition to stripping a little pink from the finish.

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