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I was asked by mayer to update my information and say a little more about myself so . I live on a 5th generation family farm outside a small town called Lucan in Ontario Canada . As with most farmers you learn how to fix everything ,for 20 years I had a shop on the farm were area farmers brought their problems to me to fix. I weld , fabricate, paint and repair cars, trucks,tractors and machinery of all shapes and sizes. I got recruited to work in a area shop that specialized in heavy trucks. I worked at that for a few years

I have restored a 1952 Pontiac and 1979 Trans Am as well as a 1957 Allis Chalmers WD45 for myself and have done a 69 Nova , 1970 Mustang for friends.My current project is an 88 shotbox stepside Chevy pickup

As my family grew my need to fix increased as well as the kids got computers and the need to fix them grew so did my knowledge of computers. In 2006 i lost my farm shop to a fire and in the rebuilding of the shop sufered a fall from a barn roof that sidelined me for 18 months so during that time I took a course and got some certs for computer work . Didn't really take to office work so stop doing that. Then after a series of events found out that if you put your computer skills together with mechanical skills you end up working with robotic were I am know.


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