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Marty Rippens is a proud member of the education services team at iFixit, where he helps run the University Technical Writing Program and develops resources for students and instructors in support of iFixit’s mission.

An experienced educator keenly interested in the intersection of human learning, emerging technologies, and the environment, he co-founded and served as Lead Teacher of the Academy of Environmental and Social Policy, which evolved from a small learning community of 400 students on a large urban campus to a magnet high school in Los Angeles.

Marty is an alumnus of Pomona College and holds graduate degrees in Education from UCLA and in English (with an emphasis on the teaching of writing) from Georgetown University.

A former member of Gamelan Sekar Jaya, a lifelong booksawyer, and a self-avowed family man,* Marty enjoys tinkering in the garage with his three school-aged children; touring and commuting by bicycle; getting lost on hikes with his life partner; advocating for safe routes to school in his community; and quietly listening to the mountains and the sea.


Academic Papers:

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*His family means the world to him, and he’s inspired daily by their irrepressible exuberance for life, their unquenchable curiosity about everything under the sun (and over it, and including it), and their overwhelming optimism no matter the odds. He just loves them to bits.

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