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I have been working on Computers for over 25 years, back when the internet was not even known to the general public. I have also installed, repaired & maintained computer networks & computer controlled security systems for Walmart, K-mart, NASA, DOD, United States Army, Chemical & Nuclear storage sites and many small business's in my local area. All in all it's been a well rounded life experience with computers.

I have also owned and operated 3 companies of my own, 2 in the construction trades (property development) and one in the personal protection field (manufacturing tornado shelters). I retired 5 years ago due to illness so I pretty much sit around doing nothing but watching my world just pass by. I mess with a PC now and then or work in my wood workshop when my health allows.

Pretty much sums it all up about me. Pretty boring I know but doing this about me page gave me something to reflect upon as well as something to do.

*.*- -- ----PEACE--- -- -*.*

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