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Director of Content Operations at iFixit

Hello! I’m Craig and I’ve done a lot of things at iFixit, most recently overseeing our editorial, video, and technical writing teams. I make sure all the projects we want to do get done. Prior to my current role, I was an editorial staff writer for our blog where I wrote helpful repair-related articles, as well as a few feature posts. I eventually transitioned to technical writing where I created all sorts of repair guides for consumer electronics, including the Nintendo Switch and some Motorola smartphones.


My post-high school educational journey began after my senior year, where I spent a semester at a vocational school learning more about computer and IT networking. Once off to college, I spent my first year at Purdue University-Fort Wayne figuring out what I wanted to major in. I started off as a Computer Engineering major, transitioned to Business, then back to Computer Engineering, and finally landed on Media & Public Communication after I discovered I wanted to get into journalism. I spent three years writing and editing for the student newspaper, eventually overseeing the publication’s web content and earning a spot as an Online Pacemaker Award Finalist from the Associated Collegiate Press in 2011.


Aside from my time at the student newspaper, I was also a marketing intern at a local non-profit where I got to write the newsletter and help out with event organization. After graduating college, I spent seven years writing for various technology publications, including Lifehacker, SlashGear, Digital Trends, How-To Geek, and others.

At iFixit, I was able to continue writing about gadgets, covering them from a repairability perspective and holding manufacturers’ feet to the fire. After transitioning to technical writing and eventually overseeing that team, I was able to help grow our efforts helping hardware manufacturers create more repairable devices.

Favorite Fixes

I’ve been fixing and DIYing ever since I was 14, so there’s a lot I could talk about here. I started out with building/fixing computers and helping my dad in the garage, which brings back nostalgic memories. In 2015, my wife and I bought our first house and had a ton of fun fixing it up and making it ours. Eventually, I started working on my own cars and rebuilt my first motorcycle in 2016.

More About Me

I love traveling, and the actual travel itself is just as fun as the destination. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten to do that as much because of COVID. Other than that, I love roller coasters, Chinese food, and long walks on the beach.

I love getting my hands dirty with projects around the house and in the garage, and I'm a strong advocate for the DIY movement. In other words, I don't call a guy when something breaks; I am the guy! And I always encourage others to pick up some tools and take matters into their own hands.

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